Birds in Forested Landscapes (BFL)

Sara Barker (607) 254-2465

Jim Lowe (607) 254-2413

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

159 Sapsucker Woods Road

Ithaca, New York 14850


Birds in Forested Landscapes is a citizen-science research project of the Cornell Lab, in which volunteers from the United States and Canada help to study the effects of forest fragmentation on seven species of North American thrushes and on the Cooper's and Sharp-shinned hawks.  Findings from this study will be incorporated into the North American Bird Conservation Plan, which will help guide conservation efforts for migratory birds.


Our group is seeking new participants for the 1999 field season.


The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology is a membership institute dedicated to the study, appreciation and conservation of birds.  The Lab fosters understanding about nature and contributes to efforts to protect biological diversity through programs of research, education, and citizen-science.  The Lab of Ornithology and Cornell University together form a global center for amateur and professional training in the ecology, evolutionary biology, and conservation of birds.