These plants, some of which may grow naturally in unmowed fields or backyard lots, attract and provide nectar to butterflies.  Some of these may be obtained in nurseries and cultivated in butterfly gardens.  The plants are listed in order of their usefulness and/or attractiveness to butterflies--the list was provided by Richard Parish.


Butterfly Garden Nectar Sources


Butterfly Bush - Buddleia davidii (light purple best)

Milkweed - Asclepias spp.

Clovers - white and pink

Indian Hemp - Apocynum cannabinum

Dogbane - Apocynum androsaemifolium

Mustard family

Purple Cone Flower - Ecbinacea purpurea

Bee Balm - Monarda spp.

Mock Orange - Philadephus spp.

Butterfly Weed - asclepias tuberosa

Honeysuckle - Lonicera spp. (vine and others)

Privet - Lingustrum spp.

Spirea - Spiraea spp.

Queen Anne's Lace

Daisies - Chrysanthemum spp.

Joe-Pye Weed - Eupatorium purpureum

Verbena - Verbena spp.