Citizens Campaign for the Environment

William Stoner

3144 Main Street

Buffalo, NY 14214

(716) 831-3206


The Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE) was established in 1985 by a small group of activists who recognized the need to increase public involvement in the process of determining the direction of environmental policy.  CCE is an independent member-supported, not-for-profit, non-partisan organization with a mission to build widespread citizen understanding and advocacy for policies and actions designed to protect the natural environment and public health.


CCE's primary focus is to educate and empower citizens to increase their influence and activism, both individually and collectively.  Through such activism, citizens will have a stronger voice in the development of public policies and legislative agendas affecting key environmental issues in New York and Connecticut.


Since its beginning, CCE has grown into a multi-state, grass-roots organization with over 80,000 supporting member households.  CCE conducts environmental protection programs on issues of local, regional and national importance and believes maintaining a strong presence at all levels of policy making is essential for lasting results.  Thus, CCE has achieved public support for policies and actions which are based on a philosophy of prevention, conservation and environmental sustainability.


Our work, based on sound factual information and research, has supported acid rain legislation, clean water projects, oil spill prevention in Long Island Sound and the Great Lakes, and other initiatives protecting the natural environment and public health.


We welcome new members.