Citizens’ Environmental Coalition

Judy Robinson

543 Franklin Street

Buffalo, New York 14202-1109

(716) 885-6848


Chief purpose of organization:  Eliminate pollution in New York State and create safe, healthy communities, schools and workplaces through pollution prevention; empower, educate and assist people concerned about environmental problems; promote democratic advocacy to restore New York’s environment, strengthen the connection from the grassroots to the statehouse; and promote corporate accountability.

 We welcome new members.


 History:  Statewide organization since 1983 with over 12,000 individual members and 90 member groups involved in environmental, community and labor work.  CEC works to keep the Superfund financed and is involved in a corporate accountability campaign to reign in Kodak’s pollution, the #1 manufacturing of cancer-causing waste in New York State.  CEC has also assisted thousands of citizens in fighting mines, incinerators and landfills, in getting attention from local and state officials to address community environmental concerns, and in finding answers to environmental illnesses and concerns.