Bird Target List:   ring-necked pheasant, upland sandpiper, eastern bluebird, Savannah sparrow, grasshopper sparrow, Henslow's sparrow, bobolink, eastern meadowlark.


Recommended Grass Species (to be planted at 60lbs/acre): Note:  Most fields already have 3 out of 5 of these grasses--the important thing is to stop mowing areas when possible.


Common Name                       Recommended Variety                            % of Mix

Tall fescue                                KY-31 or Rebel                                               40

Orchard grass                           Pennlate                                                        20

Timothy                                    Common                                                        20

Foxtail millet                             Common                                                        10

Red Clover                                 Common                                                       10


Recommended Maintenance Plan:

Most of the target species prefer moderate to tall vegetation height and a moderate to heavy amount of dead grass litter.  The above listed grass species will provide the appropriate vegetation height provided that no mowing occurs during summer months.  The grassland should be mowed no more than every year (preferably once every three years) in late summer or early fall to prevent extensive invasion of woody plants and forbs.  Mowing should be restricted to a period after the cessation of bird nesting (e.g. after August 31).  Grass cuttings should be left in the field when possible to accumulate vegetation litter that will provide nesting cover for certain species.  Wildflower mix (e.g. Northeast Bloomer's mix) can be added to the seed mixture at five pounds/acre if aesthetic quality is desired at the site.   Also, fence posts may be scattered throughout the site to provide perch and display areas for grassland birds.