Some organizations, although their primary goals are not concerned with the preservation of the natural environment or wildlife as such, nevertheless make significant contributions to wildlife.  Groups such as the SPCA and SAVE-A-PET encourage the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs, and work to control strays and abandoned pets.  In many instances, animals would otherwise be free to roam in natural habitat where the injury and death of wildlife has been well documented.   Damage is particularly heavy during the nesting season and when young wild creatures are learning to fend for themselves.


The Niagara County Society for the Prevention

of Cruelty to Animals

Albert J. Chille, Executive Director

2100 Lockport Road, Box 200 LPO

Niagara Falls, New York 14304

Phone (716) 731-4368

Fax (716) 731-7084


The Niagara County SPCA is a not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to prevent cruelty to all animals, to help educate the public on the humane treatment of all animals and to provide love and care for those companion animals with whom we come in contact.  Most of these animals are abandoned pets and strays.


Programs are also in place to provide partial reimbursement for spaying and neutering of all dogs and cats that are newly adopted form our Shelter.


In prior years, the Niagara County SPCA had, on board, a licensed Veterinary Technician who was also certified by the State as a Wildlife Rehabilitator.  She left us a couple of years ago to accept employment with a local veterinarian.


A large number of animals and birds were rehabilitated and relocated during her stay with us.  At the present time, we do not have a rehabilitator on board.  We do, however, utilize individuals who have asked to be called when the need for a rehabilitator is required.


We always welcome new members to the Niagara County SPCA.