Leon Burstein

12 Dennis Road
South Auckland
New Zealand

Telephone: (09) 27779669




Vocade is a New Zealand environmental group whose purpose is to get young people of all ages to be aware of the environmental issues that face the world whether it is threatened rain forests or other issues like pollution and most of all to speak out for all the wonderful creatures who cannot speak for themselves.  We will be putting our site on the web in a week or two and hope to attract as many members as we can. There is no charge and we will only want those people to air their views and lend their voices to those who are in charge of the many governments in the world.  We hope we will be able to reach all children, young people, and of course, older people as well.


We have had some achievements in New Zealand with the help of Greenpeace by having one of the biggest cleanup of beaches by thousands of school children in the city of Christchurch.  Also started a campaign called Adopt-A-Dolphin, to help the New Zealand Hector dolphins, which are very much endangered. Also started the Adopt-the-Beaches and Adopt-the-Parks. We are now based in the north island and the city of South Auckland,planning a web site to reach as many more members on the net from all over the world.

New members welcomed.