Institute for Environmental Learning

Paul Schnell

12398 Platten Road

Lyndonville, NY 14094

(716) 765-2084



The Earth's life support system is facing a crisis as we near the 21st century.  Rainforest clearcutting, global warming, soil erosion, and water pollution all point to human mismanagement and overpopulation as the main causes of these problems.  Each year, 270 million Americans representing 6% of the world population consume 25% of global natural resources.  Education, therefore, begins in America.  The Institute for Environmental Learning is dedicated to educating the public about the issues that threaten the welfare of our planet and its species.  Using injured and imprinted predators that cannot be released to the wild, we provide a close-up look at how they adapt to fit into the environment.  A variety of topics other than the predators of North America are part of the program as well.   Human beings have left their trail in countless ways which are harmful to our futures.  As a result, we want to educate the public so they, too, can help with realistic solutions for a healthier environment.


The public may visit our facility where selected predators--common and rare--can be observed and photographed up close.  Situated on a 14-acre farm, the 19th century embankment barn has been converted into a large classroom for environmental education.


Currently there are three areas of focus: 



North American birds of prey, two bald eagles, a red-tailed hawk, a rough-legged hawk and several owls are in residence. 


A male and female mountain lion are human socialized as are the wolves.


Three gray wolves, raised from pups, live together forming a social pack in a half-acre wooded enclosure.