Land Care - Niagara (LCN)

Michael Rose, Stewardship Coordinator

491 Canboro Rd, Box 96

Ridgeville, Ontario



Phone (905)) 892-5987

Fax (905) 892-3134


Chief Purpose of Organization:


To promote a land stewardship ethic that sustains resources like air, water, soil, forest, wildlife and recreation


To bring people together to  advance stewardship on Private Land

History of projects, accomplishments, continuing activities related to wildlife habitat:


Technical Support Program:  Can We Help You?   In 1997, 400 clients were served by LCN.  Many calls were dealt with directly by LCN through information packages and discussion with landowners and agencies, but some calls are referred directly to the experts within and outside the Niagara Region.  At LCN we have finger-tip access to over 200 agencies and organizations that assist Private Land Owners in the management of their land.  This includes access to specific programs, contact names and technical information these groups have.  If you or your organization require help with the answers you need, give us a call.  We are here to help.


Financial Support Program:  LCN is looking for action-oriented projects that promote wise land management.  LCN will fund all or part of a project up to $2,000.  Support Funding must be utilized within the boundaries of the Municipality of Niagara.  A number of small projects have materialized from this program that are benefiting the environment of Niagara.


Hooked-on-Fishing-not-on-Drugs:  LCN, in conjunction with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Port Colborne and District Conservation Club, introduced this award-winning program into Ontario.  The purpose of this program is to expose as many youngsters and their families or supporting agencies as possible to an appreciation and respect for aquatic stewardship, ethical fishing practices and the environment.  This is done through a conservation program that encourages hands-on instruction and participation in the outdoors and the sport of fishing.


Restoration of the American Chestnut:  Provide extension services to private landowners in Niagara for The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association who is the lead on this program.  Also maintain an American Chestnut Seed Orchard in Niagara.


Niagara Woodlot Association:  Lead agency in the establishment of the Niagara Woodlot Association--an association that promotes active woodlot management for all values, especially wildlife.


Workshops:  Have hosted a number of land management workshops including woodlot management for all values and landscaping for nature in the urban environment.


Natural Heritage Ecological Framework:  To address the issue of habitat fragmentation and loss of biodiversity in the Niagara Region, LCN and the Ontario Hydro Services Company have embarked on the Niagara Natural Heritage Framework Project, which is to identify and connect natural habitats stranded in the landscape by surrounding land uses.  It is a flexible framework that can guide future restoration efforts in a systematic way.

New members are welcome; however, membership is limited to sitting on the Niagara Private Land Community Stewardship Council as a volunteer council member.