Niagara County Sportsmen's Association, Inc.


Niagara County Sportsmen's Club is located at Bond Lake Park, Lower Mountain Rd., Lewiston.


Chief purpose of organization:


Not for profit  conservation club and game preserve


Offer hunter safety courses, New York State required pistol permit courses and range safety courses


Maintained rifle and pistol ranges at this location for 50 years (used by members, local police, Sheriff Departments, Law Enforcement Academy and military units)

Current issue::


Presently have an action in Niagara County Supreme Court exposing the ongoing alienation of Park lands and the illegal commercial farming operations that have been allowed by the Niagara County Legislature for over 30 years, since the properties were purchased and the Park established.  Summary judgment was granted by the court and the case has not been settled as of this date.  We are against farming in Bond Lake Park.

New members are welcome.