Citizens for a Green North Tonawanda


Steve Slivan

1109 Marcia Drive

North Tonawanda, New  York 14120


Liz Kaszubski

1463 Fairfield Drive

North Tonawanda, New York 14120


Chief purpose of organization:



Wetland Protection (particularly the Klydel Wetland in North Tonawanda, Niagara County, New York)


Education of the public on environmental issues

Citizens for a Green North Tonawanda received a $15,000 grant from the Niagara County Environmental Fund for nature trail development in the Klydel Wetland on the North Tonawanda School District property which has been completed.  The remainder of the grant is for appraisals of properties with landowners willing to sell in the wetland.  We conduct public tours in the wetland and are open to new membership.