The Bluebird Trail

by Andrew Baschnagel


The trail consisting of about a dozen Bluebird houses is located on the perimeter, fence of the Town Hall.  This trail was established on April 18, 1998 by Cambria Boy Scout Troop 8.  The trail was designed and organized by Andrew Baschnagel for his Eagle Project.


The Bluebird is the State bird of New York.  Over the years the Bluebird has gone into decline largely due to the loss of habitat, by the encroachment of people and the over population of the European Sparrow and the Starling.


The Bluebird has been making a recovery due to the efforts of many Bluebird organizations, such as the New York State Bluebird Society and The North American Bluebird Society.  These organizations promote Bluebird education and the establishment of Bluebird habitats like this Bluebird trail.  The future is looking brighter for our native bird because of projects such as this.  Perhaps someday the bluebird will be as plentiful as they once were in our town.


For more information about bluebirds there are information pamphlets available in the Cambria Town Hall.  Andrew would like to thank everyone at the Cambria Town Hall and the Highway Department, Troop 8,   Sadlo Lumber, Caulkins Lumber and U-Save Lumber for all their support and donations.


Bluebirds are one of America's most beautiful birds.  They are also the state bird for New York State.  Yet the majority of young people have never seen a bluebird, but about fifty years ago they were one of the most common songbirds in America.  The eastern bluebird population has dropped as much as 90%.  The major reason why the bluebird population has decreased is because of the English sparrows and European starlings that were introduced to America in 1851 and 1890.  These birds compete for nesting cavities and kill bluebirds for their site as well. Another factor in the decline of the population are droughts which means very little food for the birds.


As you can see bluebirds need a lot of help from us to survive.  The North American Bluebird Society and the New York State Bluebird Society has done many things to help the birds.   I also want to help make a difference in the success of such a beautiful bird.   I want to help keep one of New York state's national treasures.  After much research and thought I have decided for my Eagle project I will build a bluebird trail.   The trail will consist of about a dozen bird houses that I will place in the fields surrounding our town hall so people can watch the birds.  I will also supply information about the birds and trail which can be obtained at the town hall.


 My project will benefit my town because it will bring bluebirds into our community so people can see, hear and enjoy such a beautiful bird.  My project will also help the state increase the population of their state bird.  It will also help people so they are aware of how much the bluebirds are endangered.