Earl W. Brydges Artpark State Park   (Lewiston)  Total acres:  196.678   This state park provides access to the lower Niagara River and gorge.   Attractions include gulls, waterfowl associated with the lower river (e.g., mergansers, oldsquaw) plants, and geologic features.  This section of the Niagara River gorge supports rare plants.


The Niagara County Environmental Fund has awarded Artpark and Company $44,625 for an educational citizen science project that encompasses the restoration of a marsh near the Artpark Mainstage Theatre.


Artpark will be using this restoration project to kick off its plan to establish Artpark as a certified National Wildlife Federation Backyard Wildlife Habitat.  Designed to protect 120 species of birds migrating through Artpark each year, the project will offer exhausted birds an opportunity to feed and rest in a safe and protected environment.   Prestigious institutions like the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, the Roger Tory Peterson Institute, and the Niagara Region Interpretation Unit, have offered to partner with us to enhance our success.


Camp Artpark will involve young people in the citizen science project to label and map existing flora in the park.  Artpark's Writers Camp will delve into creative writing with an emphasis on nature.


Joan McDonough, the Parks Program Director, says, "This project will help young people see that art is in nature and that the stories and myths handed down to us by our ancestors relating nature's importance in the form of theatre have value and are important to continue.  The youth of today are our cultural and environmental heritage and our intention is to broaden their horizons.  If you are interested in further information about Camp Artpark, please call (716) 754-9001 ext. 266."