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7,596.586 TOTAL ACRES of wildlife habitat and potential wildlife habitat.  

(Other areas are additional acreage.)

Grateful acknowledgement and a special thank you to Chuck Rosenburg for compiling this information about the parks and other wildlife areas.

Allenberg Bog Wildlife Refuge

Artpark Earl W. Brydges State Park -- Lewiston

Ayer-Stevenson Wildlife Sanctuary

Barker Bicentennial Park -- Town of Somerset

Beaver Island State Park -- Grand Island

Beaver Meadow Nature Center

Bond Lake County Park

Buckhorn Island State Park -- Niagara Falls

Cambria Grassland -- Town of Cambria

DeVeaux Woods -- Niagara Falls

Devil's Hole State Park -- Niagara Falls

Ditch Road Wetland -- Town of Hartland

Donald F. Miller Park -- N. Tonawanda

Evangola State Park

Fisherman's Park -- N. Tonawanda

Fort Niagara State Park -- Town of Porter

Four Mile Creek State Park -- Town of Porter

Gasport Ravine County Park -- Town of Royalton

Golden Hill State Park -- Town of Somerset

Gratwick Waterfront Park -- N. Tonawanda

Green Island -- Niagara Falls

Gulf Wilderness Park -- Lockport

Hartland Grassland -- Town of Hartland

Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge

Joseph Davis State Park -- Lewiston

Klydel Wetland: N.T. Wetland Nature Trail

Krull County Park -- Newfane

Lewiston Heights -- Lewiston

Lewiston Pier -- Lewiston

Mayor's Park -- N. Tonawanda

Natureview Amherst Preserve

Niagara County Community College

Niagara County Golf Course

Niagara-Orleans County Line Rd. -- Somerset

Oak Orchard/Tonawanda Wildlife Area

Olcott Overlook of Lake Ontario

Oppenheim County Park

Outwater Memorial Park

Pine Woods Park -- N. Tonawanda

Porter Grassland -- Town of Porter

Niagara Escarpment

Niagara Falls Intl. Airport -- Town of Niagara

Niagara Gorge

Niagara Power Authority Water Intakes -- Niagara Falls

Niagara Power Project -- Town of Lewiston

Niagara Reservation State Park-Niagara Falls

Rose Acres Wildlife Refuge

Royalton Grassland -- Town of Royalton

Rushing Stream Wildlife Sanctuary

Big Six Mile Creek (Marina) -- Grand Island

Southway Park

Starpoint Central School Nature Trail

Strawberry Island

Tonawanda State Wildlife Mgt. Area

West Canal Park

West River Parkway

Wheatfield Grassland -- Town of Wheatfield

Whirlpool State Park -- Niagara Falls

Wilson-Tuscarora State Park

Niagara Frontier Wildlife Habitat Council

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Ransomville, NY 14131