Devil's Hole State Park   (Town of Lewiston)  Total acres:   42.080   Devil's Hole is a rather small state park that consists of a considerable section of the Niagara Gorge accessed by hiking trails.  The unique landscape provides a marvelous place for hiking and general nature observation.  The gorge is will known for its geographical significance.  Other unusual features include a cave and standing waves.  

A good diversity of plants, including several rare species, can be found within the park.  It is also a good bird-watching location, especially along the river where concentrations of waterfowl and gulls can be easily observed during winter months.   The park is located at the northern tip of the Lower Niagara River Rapids Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitat, which was designated for its trout and salmon fishing opportunities, as well as its gull and waterfowl concentration.