Beaver Island State Park    (Grand Island)   Total acres:  951.81        Underwater:    171.56

This state park features some of the best and easiest wildlife viewing opportunities in our area.   Covering the entire southern tip of Grand Island, the park provides access to both the east and west branches of the Niagara River.  Motor Island, site of a rookery for Great Blue Herons and Common Egrets, can be viewed from the eastern side of the park.   The Beaver Island lagoon offers one of the area's most biologically diverse habitats and is an important stop for any nature enthusiast.  Other habitats can be visited by walking along the various nature trails or viewed from shore.  Habitats include open waterways, marsh, wet and dry woods, and fields.  Hiking trails provide access to most of the park.  Nature walks and programs are available through the Interpretive Office (716) 278-1728.