Strawberry Island     Total acres:  approximately  404      Underwater:  400    Strawberry Island is surrounded by the Upper Niagara River, east branch, by the southern tip of Grand Island.  The area supports a variety of birds and marine life.  Wildlife and vegetation are currently threatened by erosion and overpopulation of Herring gulls.  Remedial work is underway, supported by Legislative Resolution of Audubon Council of New York State.


There are large concentrations (14-25,000) of waterfowl, nesting for Ring-billed Gull, Canada Geese, American Pigeon, Mallard and nesting and feeding for Great Blue Heron, Common Tern, Black-crowned Night Heron, Double-crested Cormorant.  Great Egrets can be observed feeding in the lagoon.  Shoals and marshes supply winter resting and feeding sites for American Black Duck, Canvasback, Common Goldeneye, Common Merganser, Scaup and   spawning shoals for bass, muskellunge, other fish.  Strawberry Island is home to chimney-building crayfish.