Niagara Power Project   (Town of Lewiston)  The New York Power Authority (NYPA) maintains a visitors center and fishing facility that provide overlooks of the lower Niagara River.  The most significant natural attraction in this area is the spectacular concentration of gulls drawn here by the discharge of water from the Niagara Power Project and the Ontario Hydro generating station on the Canadian side of the river.  The lower Niagara River is an international attraction for birders from November through January each year when it supports one of the most diverse and abundant gull concentrations in the world.  Rare gulls such as the Iceland gull and the glaucous gull are observed in this area most years at this time.  The NYPA Niagara River fishing facility provides one of the best observation points for gulls on the U.S. side of the river.

Access to NYPA's Niagara River fishing facility is somewhat difficult,  but can be very rewarding for gull enthusiasts.  From the city of Niagara Falls, take Hyde Park Blvd. (Route 61) north.  Just beyond the city limits and just before a railroad crossing go left (west) on an unnamed road that leads to one of the NYPA generating facilities.  A fisherman's parking lot is on the left a short distance from Hyde Park Blvd.  From the parking lot, it is a fairly long (approximately 1/2 mile) hike down to the fishing facility.  Please note that vehicles can proceed beyond the parking lot to the fishing facility to drop off passengers, but no parking is allowed beyond the fisherman's parking lot.